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Total Raised
People Helped
Someone just gave $10.00 to Mme. Forsman's Fundraising Page
and said Nous sommes capables!
Someone just gave $411.90 to Brownie Troop 3355
and said Donation made using proceeds from this year\'s cookie sales.
Someone just gave $943.90 to Julian Minett's Fundraising Page
Someone just gave $10.00 to Water For Africa
and said I\'m donating to a great cause. Let\'s end this global crisis.
Someone just gave $34.00 to Kendall's Fundraising Page
and said You are truly showing IB action, Kendall!
Someone just gave $35.29 to Ms. Seo/Mr. Rohe's 5th grade SETON HALL
and said I am very proud of you guys! Keep it up!
Someone just gave $25.00 to Wishing for Water
and said Good job !!!!
Someone just gave $350.00 to Jan Hemphill's Fundraising Page
Someone just gave $15.00 to Anna Hirsch Allison Catizone's Fundraising Page
and said Wishing you good luck on this very important project that will mean so much to people
Someone just gave $300.00 to Ms. Kitt's Conscious Living Class
and said Love and hope sent to you from Ms. Kitt\'s 7th grade Conscious Living Class.

How it Works


Create your page and then rally friends and and family to support your project.


Inspire your friends and family to join you in support of clean water. When you're done raising money, just let us know. We'll mark your page complete and assign what you've raised to a specific project.


We'll select a community in need of a water project, and as soon as work begins, we'll let you know where it is! You'll get info on the community you're helping, usually within 6-8 months after your campaign is complete.


Once construction is finished, you'll receive another update with pictures, GPS, a community profile and sometimes even video. You'll be able to celebrate along with the community you've served!


Who's Helping?

Thousands have joined... tens of thousands have been helped!
Top Active Fundraisers

Theatre for the World's Fundraising Page - Total Raised: $12000.00

Dear Family, Friends, Audience members, social media acquaintances:WE CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR ALL THE SUPPORT AT OUR RECENT PRODUCTION AND FOR TH...

"Satisfied Thirst" - Total Raised: $8151.32

"Satisfied Thirst" was founded by two young High School girls. At the age of 17, God put "water" on our hearts. We weren't sure exactly where He would...

Akerson's Fundraising Page - Total Raised: $5501.10

Clean water is such a basic need, we want to join with others to help provide safe, clean drinking water to people that don't currently have it. Pleas...

Meadville UMC Youth Fundraising Page - Total Raised: $4283.00

For three years, Daniel Youngblood, age 13, has had a nudge to fully fund a water well in Africa.  After a life affirming time at ...

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