How We Did The Bucket Challenge

A HUGE thank you to everyone who's getting involved (posted 8/25/2014)

We were recently challenged to take the Ice Bucket Challenge. So, we decided to do it with a bit of a twist.

Watch the video to see how so many folks have responded to support both ALS and the gift of clean, safe water for those without.

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Our friends respond

Paul from BWP Kenya responds to our challenge (posted 8/27/2014)

We challenged a couple of our implementing partners to take the Bucket Challenge with us... again, with a twist. Paul, from Bridge Water Project (BWP) in Western Kenya produced this video... and we love it.

The communities we serve, alongside BWP, lacked access to clean, safe water before we helped. We're providing new, and newly repaired water wells, spring protections and sand dams throughout the region. Now that water is available, health, sanitation and hygiene are all improving.

And just once in a while, folks can dump a bucket of water over their heads... because, they can!

Thanks for making this work possible.