The Water Project: Cameroon

Who It Helped

Community in Nkuv CameroonThe Water Project: Cameroon, a partnership between Thirst Relief International and The Water Project, seeks to address the clean water needs of the rural population of Cameroon.

The first target area for this water project was the village of Nkuv nestled in a remote location in the northwest portion of the country (a 4 hour trek from Kumbo, the closest city).

The Clean Water Problem

For this community of some 1,500 inhabitants, there was no access to clean drinking water, electricity, good roads, or health clinics. The Nkuv villagers got their drinking water from the muddy tributary rivers in the region, which was more than a 30 minute walk from their homes.

Boys in CameroonThese same rivers were used to wash clothes and water their livestock. Although these rivers are vital to the existence of the Nkuv community, they are also source of disease and sickness.

Since most families did not boil or filter the river water before drinking, water-related sickness and disease was common among children.

The Clean Water Solution

Biosand water flitersThe distribution of BioSand water filters greatly reduced water-related illness and disease among the Nkuv population.

You can read more about this innovative clean water technology by clicking here.

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How to Get Involved

You can help us build and install 30 filters every month!

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Last Updates from Nkuv

Our Partner in the Field

The Cameroon Water Project is implemented at the point of need through a partnership with the Life & Water Development Group Cameroon (LWDGC) based out of Yaounde, Cameroon. The cost to build, distribute, and install a BioSand water filter is $50, which in turn benefits an average of 10 people in need. The Cameroon Water Project has resources/infrastructure ready and waiting to implement 30 BioSand filters per month.

A Long Term Vision

Even within the capital city of Yaounde and the other major cities of Cameroon, the water that flows from the tap is dirty and contaminated at times. As a result, the long-term vision of the Cameroon Water Project is to introduce BioSand filters to those in need nationwide.