Musungururu Community Well

Musungururu9Update: Nov. 17, 2009 – The well is complete!

Update: Oct. 7th, 2009 – The borehole has been drilled and is awaiting pump installation.

Construction has begun is complete on the Musungururu Community Well.

Our drilling partner reported,  “The beneficiaries welcomed their new water source with joy and thanked God for answering their prayer  of clean and safe water. They promised to ask blessings from God for whoever donated towards this well.”

This community is located in the Central Butsotso Location in Western Kenya, near Kakamega.

The water project will serves about 740 people in the surrounding area.  A water committee consisting of 3 men and 7 women has been formed and the community has contributed about $300USD to acquire surveys and permits for the new well.

The current previous water source is an unprotected spring about 4km from the community.  The water quality is very poor.

This well is being funded by:

Ames High School – Ames, IA
St. Andrews Episcopal School – Potomac, MD
Hope International University – POL4200 Class
Seoul American Middle School
Nathalie S. & Fleming College – Orangeville, ON
Paul & Cathy L. – NC

See more pictures inside

SAS Peacemakers raise over $1,000 for a new well

SAS_PeaceMakersThe SAS Peacemakers from New Jersey took The Water Challenge and raised over $1,000 from their local community.

We’ll be sending 100% of this donation to the field to dig wells. In a few short months we’ll report back, right here, with pictures and info about the finished well.

Way to go girls!

New well for the Aleko Community

The community at Aleko in Western Kenya is enjoying it’s brand new well.  This community well point is serving hundreds of people who, before this well was installed, walked 5km to an unprotected spring.

See where the community used to collect water

Community Well is Repaired

DSCN1716Thanks to three groups of hard working students, a community in Western Kenya has clean, safe drinking water restored.

We just received these pictures and will have a full report from the project soon.

This repair required the entire pump to be replaced and reset.  It should last a very long while.


  • Ms. Berzina’s class at Millard Central High School – Omaha, NE
  • Garry Leyte & The E.A. Butler All Grade – McKay’s, NL
  • West Kings Student Council – Auburn, NS