Columbus Signature Academy Funds a Well

By Karen Quackenbush – 2nd Grade Teacher

Columbus Signature Academy is a new project/technology based school in Columbus, Indiana.  Our curriculum is powered by student driven projects and the 21st Century skills of technology.  So our students determine what we will be working on, and teachers guide the process.

Our Well Project began when Olivia Linnemann, one of the students in my class, shared about her family’s project to help build a well in Ethiopia.  Her family had adopted triplet babies from Ethiopia and decided that they wanted to help those people in Africa who needed clean water.  When Olivia shared this with the class during our morning meeting, Molly Dye, one of my other students, raised her hand and asked, “Could we help drill a well?  The whole class immediately jumped on board and became excited about helping other students like them far across the globe.  The idea that they, as 2nd graders, could help save lives, gave true meaning to project based learning.


Drilling complete at Bishop Sulumeti Girls School

The well has been drilled and capped at the Bishop Sulumeti Girls School near Kakamega, Kenya.  The concrete pad, which helps protect the well, can be seen here being formed.  The next step will be to install the pump.

Drilling is going well at Mama Sukuma Project

The drilling process is proceeding well at the Mama Sukuma Women’s Group water project near Kakamega, Kenya.  This well will serve the local community and a nearby health center.

St Phillips School Well Completed

The well at the St. Phillips Secondary School near Kakamega, Kenya has been completed.

The following are pictures of the handing-over ceremony.