Eshienga Primary School Well

picture-008There’s a new well at the Eshienga School in Western Kenya.

I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing better than seeing young students tossing clean water around in celebration of new found freedom.

These students no longer have to walk miles for dirty water. Instead, clean, safe drinking water is just steps away…thanks to students and individuals just like themselves.  Thank you on behalf of the Eshienga Primary School.

Who Helped?

Individual Donors:

Gift Date between: February 15, 2009 – March 8, 2009


Queensland Downs School – Calgary, Alberta
Delta Sigma Theta Soroity, Inc. – Cincinnati,  OH
Ms. Sheib’s Class, Park Springs Elementary – Coral Springs, FL


Emusanda Well Complete

Children play at their new well

Children play at their new well

The Emusanda Community well was completed just days ago.  Both children and adults have been lining up to gather clean, safe drinking water – now only steps from where they live!

We’re thankful, as are the people of Emusanda to the following donors who built this well:


“Help Dig Wells” – Gift Date between: Jan. 27th, 2009 – Feb. 10, 2009


Meadowbrook United Methodist Church – Fort Worth, TX
Students/Faculty of St. Dominic School – Brookfield, WI
Morse High School Student Body – San Diego, CA


Simbi School Water Well Pictures

Here are a few pictures of the water well completed last month at the Simbi Primary School in Kendu Bay, Kenya.   After some technical problems with their camera, our team re-visited the well site to grab these shots.

Simbi School Well:

Population – 2,782 + Children
Well Depth – 70 ft

St. Peters Catholic Church –  Greenville, NC

Khasunire Well Complete

The well at the Khasunire Community in Western Kenya in now complete.

This well is serving 570 people in the community.  The project is overseen by a water committee of 3 men and 7 women.  Together with the rest of the community, they raised over $300USD to secure the initial permits and surveys needed to carry out the project.  They will oversee it going forward, helping to ensure it’s sustainability.

Lat. 00.296680N   Long. 034.674150E

This well was sponsored by the following donors:

Change Christmas Campaign and General Gifts:
January 15, 2009 – January 26, 2009

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