Ebumamu School Well Complete

The well at the Ebumamu Primary School in Western Kenya in now complete.

This project serves over 800 students at the school and a total of well over 1,000 when you include the community in the Shinoyi Sub-location of Western Kenya, about 25km from Kakamega.

A water committee of 11 men and 3 women oversee the project.  Before construction began, the community was mobilized and raised over $300USD to cover the cost of surveys and permits.  This project is truly “owned” by the community.

The previous water source was a passing stream over 3km away that was both unclean and unsafe.

The project leader noted…

“The community response was positive, most of them welcomed with joy the new water source. Most of them said the distance from their homes to this new water source cannot bother them, even if it is far but their joy was that they were able to access clean water.”

This well was sponsored by the following donors:

Change Christmas Campaign and General Gifts:
December 26, 2008 – January 10, 2009

Ten Wells Repaired in Zambia – 6,500 served

Clean water flows again

Clean water flows again

Our partners at Thirst Relief International and Seeds of Hope reported back to us this morning that the donations from The Water Project have repaired another 10 wells in Zambia.

These repairs were funded primarily by Gilbert High School, led by Kimberly L..

A few other donors to our Well Repair campaign over the last few months provided support for the “Intulo-Basic-School” repair. (see below)

The most incredible part of this particular set of projects was how little repair work each well needed.  The repairs did great good for very, very low cost.

The only thing the was preventing thousands of people from having access to clean water were some minor, if difficult repairs.

Today, clean water is again flowing to so many who need it… over 6,500 people!


Pictures from Kimira Well

kimira_1At long last, pictures are trickling in from the Kendu Bay wells.  The first to make it are from the Kimira Well site.


Osika Community Well

Woman uses the new community well

Woman uses the new community well

Osika Community (Roadside Well):

Area Population – 1,200 (corrected)
Well Depth – 80 ft

“Help Dig Wells” and “Change Christmas” Campaign

  • Gift Date Between October 28, 2008 – December 25, 2008