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Colorado Peace Jam Making an Impact

From left...Chloe, Joellen, New Era Volunteer, Sterno, Julie, and Becky.

From left...Chloe, Joellen, New Era Volunteer, Sterno, Julie, and Becky.

Julie, from the Colorado Peace Jam, wrote us last week and said…

Things are going well with our fundraising, we’ve made a little over $2,000, which will hopefully grow to $5K after our two fundraisers that are coming up.

Currently we’ve joined along with New Era, a group both focused around getting more people involved with our community, and teaching others about our impact on the world. We’re trying to inform others around our community of what exactly is in a 0ne-use water bottle, along with the importance of drinking water.

I attached a couple pictures of our group at work, It’s difficult getting pictures of us working, people want to stop what they’re doing and smile! Which is wonderful, but its important to show that we’re working. 😛

Thank you so much.

Brennen Elementary’s Field Day

Janet S., Brennen Elementary’s Phys. Ed. teacher wrote us on Friday and said…

We concluded the water project today at our annual Field day!  It went over great!!  Many of the children and their families participated.

Our field day theme was “Around the World”…and we integrated The Water Project into it.  The whole school even agreed to forgo popsicles at field day and have the PTO send the money instead to the project!!  Without the PTO adding in what ever they are going to do….we have a little over $1,500.00.

Thanks for your help.  We had parents thanking us for doing this.  It really was cool!!  The kids want an African well….or 2 🙂 …is that possible?

It will mean so much to them to see the well and to know who they have helped.

Is it ever possible to correspond with the children?

The answers to Janet’s questions are YES!

The Water Project will use 100% of these donations to build a well in Kenya, Africa at a school.  We also encourage students to write letters or draw pictures that we’ll send over in August when our project partner travels to visit some of these schools!

And…when the well is complete, we’ll be posting pictures and GPS coordinates right here, so everyone at Brennen Elementary can see the good they have done!

Great Job!!

Water Project Fun Run

Aubrey D.

Aubrey D.

funrunOn Saturday, April 11th, Aubrey D. is hosting a Water Project Fun Run at Reservoir Park in Southern Pines, NC.

Aubrey and her friends will be walking/running the same distance that many children in countries like Kenya must walk every day, just to find often dirty water.

You can certainly head out to take part, or you can support Aubrey right here.

the ‘Verve’ takes The Challenge

waterprojectlargeCheck out what this college ministry is up to in Indiana.

Excerpt from their site…

So, we have an opportunity to do something about this by joining with those who do not have access to clean water and bringing attention to their plight by drinking only water for 2 weeks starting March 23rd. We will join with college-age young adults all over Southern Indiana and drink nothing but water!! (more…)