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Park Springs Elementary Walks for Water

Mrs. Sheib's 5th Grade Class

Mrs. Sheib's 5th Grade Class

We just got this great update from a school in Florida that decided to make a huge difference!!

Check it out…

After researching on The Water Project Site with my class, we decided that we wanted to raise money for this important cause. (more…)

Girls Scouts Raise Awareness in Greenville

Telling the story...changing lives.

Telling the story...changing lives.

These two girls, and a couple of their Girl Scout friends, recently decided to get involved and make a difference.

They took what they had learned about the water crisis and told that story to hundreds of people!   We were very excited and inspired by this note we received from them recently…


Two school boys in a shop window?

We grabbed this article from the Oakham School website…  we love it!!

Two Oakham School boys have been posing in a shop window?
…and all for a good cause!

Alex Long, aged 14, and 14 year old Spencer Sheppard’s class were asked to raise £8 each for the charity The Water Project which works to provide clean drinking water around the world.


Lumpkin Middle School Takes the Challenge

The seventh graders of Sabrina Gooch’s second period social studies class said goodbye to soda last month as they decided to save their quarters for a worthier cause.”

Read the whole article here