As we work to provide water, we're committed to helping people like you meet your global neighbors and to realize that we all share the same basic needs. We hope to break down stereotypes and the false distinctions between the so-called winners and losers, rich and poor, the needy and charitable, by introducing you to the people we serve with the respect and admiration they rightfully deserve.

These are stories of hope, told in the words of those who carry out this work every day - our friends in the field.

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A Year Later: Kuvasali Community

“Instead of spending time in the hospitals, we now spend time in our small farms planting and harvesting our crops. This has been brought about by the rehabilitation of the water project.”

A Year Later: Kiluta Well Project

“The shallow well has provided us with water near our homes and as a result the distance has significantly reduced. We used to walk all the way to river Kikuu. Now we only a few minutes and we arrive here,” says Chairlady Wayua Munyao.

A Year Later: Kiluta Sand Dam

The group members have successfully planted trees on their farms. Some of which have already started bearing fruits and are earning an income for the groups.

A Year Later: Emusutswi Primary School

This school has made the most of the water resource using it for drinking, cooking, cleaning of classrooms and latrines and for science club garden works.

A Year Later: Sharambatsa Community

“Compared to the previous years where the community used to drink contaminated water, there is a big improvement in health since the rehabilitation was done a year ago.”

A Year Later: Shipala Primary School

“I have enough time to read and do my studies since I no longer have to go around searching for water from the unprotected sources.”

A Year Later: Mavusi Primary School

“When am thirsty, I easily come to the source and drink water. We are now able to wash our plates after eating lunch in school. We are able to clean our classrooms and latrines every morning.”

A Year Later: Malichi Primary School

“The well has played a major role in improving the hygiene and sanitation of the school.”

A Year Later: Nguvuli Primary School

“I have enough time to read and do my studies since I no longer have to struggle with the rope and the bucket.”

A Year Later: Maraba Spring

“Our water is very clean and sweet.”

A Year Later: Kavehere Spring

“Drawing water from this spring takes a very short time, unlike the former frustrations of having to bend down and dip a mug or gourd to reach a dirty pool of water. Things have changed for the better, and we celebrate it.”

A Year Later: Emusioma Spring

“Our children no longer suffer from diarrhea diseases and this is because we are now accessing safe drinking water. With the hygiene trainings, our standards of hygiene have also improved tremendously.”

A Year Later: Alphonce Mukoshi Spring

“The protection of this spring is the best thing that ever happened to us.”

A Year Later: Wakidima Spring

“I have been able to access water much faster, and this has helped me save on time for my studies.”

A Year Later: Timbito Commuity

“Being farmers, we are strong to do our farming and there is hope of having enough food on our tables since we are not a sick community. This is because of the rehabilitated well.”

A Year Later: Matsakha B Community

“Since the rehabilitation was done, cases of typhoid and coughing are minimal. This is because the community members have an access to clean and safe water from the rehabilitated well.”

A Year Later: Matsakha A Community

“The families are now able to produce more harvests from their farms since they have the strength to plough their farms.”

A Year Later: Sanaya Memorial Academy Secondary School

“This project had made me stop being late to school all the time!”

A Year Later: Luvambo Community

“We used to walk 2 km or more for search of clean water. Women complained of chest and back pains, a result of carrying heavy buckets on our heads and walking long distances. Today, our women and children are stronger and no more complains.”

A Year Later: Mark Ashikuku Spring

“Life has become better for me, since I don’t have to worry about coming home early to look for clean water before people get it dirty.”

A Year Later: Mido Spring

“A strong bond has been created among the village dwellers as they come together to clean the water point and discuss matters concerning their highly valued spring.”

A Year Later: Mwibichiri Spring Community

“Before the spring was protected, most community members opted to source their water from a spring that is 1 km away.”

A Year Later: Mukoko Community

“The community members now have access to clean, safe and adequate water. The spring discharges water at a speed of 41 seconds to fill a 20 Liter containers. Women in this community now draw water easily from the spring as water trickles from a pipe. It saves them time compared to the previous years where they would spend a lot of time scooping dirty, contaminated water at the spring.”

A Year Later: #5 Main Motor Road

The community surrounding #5 Main Motor Road has benefited greatly from the new well. They have access to safe, pure and clean water and are practicing better hygiene than before.

A Year Later: #10 Carana Street

“I had been suffering so much in terms of fetching drinking water. I had to go to other communities or fetch it from the stream but now, I have access to safe and pure water within our community. It has improved our hygiene and sanitation too.”