Project Status FAQ

Project Status

Funded: Money has been raised for this project and we are preparing to release those funds to the driller/implementer

Under Construction: Money had been released to our partner to begin construction

Completed: All project work is complete and final reports have been submitted

On Hold: Issues of concern are being investigated (more below)

Canceled/Re-Allocated: The project your gift was originally allocated to has been withdrawn and we have re-allocated your gift to another project. Click the link to be redirected to your new project. (read more below)

Why isn't my project under construction yet?

Our goal is to get funds into the hands of our implementing partners as quickly and as efficiently as possible. To ensure that work in the field is not interrupted, waiting for additional funds to be raised, we keep our partners on about a 3-6 month back-log of work. That ensures the workers are always drilling or repairing wells.

Of course the side-effect of that is a perceived "lag" between donation and construction. Rest assured everyone is working as fast as is responsible.

Is the expected completion date a sure thing?

NO. Well construction in the developing world is very hard work. A lot of things can and do go wrong and delays are normal. We attempt to make a best judgment estimate of when a particular project will be complete, but the circumstances surrounding actual "in the field" conditions are far from our control.

Weather, supply availability, government paperwork, and community involvement are just a few of the variables that can delay (and sometimes even speed up) a project's completion.

What does "On Hold" mean?

Our goal is to ensure your donations are well spent. That means always erring on the side of caution when it comes to your gifts.

From time to time, concerns may arise about a particular project that require further investigation before we can fund it (actually wire money overseas) or it can be completed. We will place a project "On Hold" while we determine if it is possible to proceed and be assured of the quality of the work, and that the transparency and accountability of our partners remains up to our standard. Many times, the issues can be resolved, but on occasion project funds will need to be re-allocated to another project or partner. Sometimes initial efforts fail and we will put a project on hold to assess the situation as well. We will tell you when that happens.

What does "Canceled/Re-allocated" mean?

From time to time our water projects may not go as planned. Delays can occur due to equipment failures, geology, weather, and in some cases because we are simply not satisfied that work is being performed to our high standards. When this happens, we may need to re-allocate your donation/project. While we attempt to keep the new project in the same country, this is not always possible.

We mark a project canceled so that you are aware that your funds have been re-allocated to a new site or project. The new project link will be listed accordingly.