Clean Water for A School in Kenya

Students walk to find waterStudents walk to find water

The Problem

In March of 2009, our local water project partner - The Bridge Water Project - visited the Eshienga School near Kakamega, Kenya.

What they found was an all too common sight. Hundreds of students, water cans in tow, were headed down the road to collect water for the day.

Students collect dirty waterThey walked for a couple miles until they came to their usual source of water, a small seasonal stream - full of dirty, diseased water. How do we know it's diseased? Let's put it this way…remember the E.Coli scare in the U.S. about a year ago?

If a little manure spread over a spinach field, not completely rinsed, could sicken hundreds in the U.S. …imagine what that same cow manure will do to these students, who drink this water every day!

Our team reported back to us about the need at Eshienga and the community's own preparations for the project (see below). So we added this school to our ever growing list of schools in need of clean water.

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People Get Involved

Park Springs ElementaryThat's when our donors, just like you, got involved.

Twenty-five individuals, a sorority, and two schools got together and did something extraordinary. They gave water…and changed everything.

At Queensland School in Alberta, Canada and Park Springs Elementary in Coral Springs, FL (seen here), students organized "A Water Challenge" and raised thousands. All told, nearly $4,000 was needed to build this well.

A New Well is Installed

The new fresh water well at EshiengaJust a few months after the money was raised, in June 2009, the freshwater well at Eshienga School was completed.

Today, clean safe drinking water is right outside the doors of the school. Hundreds of students and the surrounding community all benefit from this new source of water. Hours lost hiking back and forth to the dirty stream are a thing of the past. Sickness from foul water and the resulting lost school days are a fading memory.

Potential has been unleashed in Eshienga. Clean water brings hope for a growing community. The cycle of poverty may finally be breaking.

...all because a few people got inspired, got together, and did something!

How the Eshienga School Found Us

Students collect dirty waterThe word is getting out among teachers and community leaders in the Kakamega area that a group of generous folks are drilling wells for schools.

But these communities have also found out that it's no hand-out. Instead, each must prove their need and also demonstrate that they are committed to the project's success. At every site a "water committee" of local leaders must be formed to mobilize the rest of the community and ensure everyone is committed.

They do that by first raising money themselves. The cost for geological surveys and well drilling permits is high and must be paid before we'll commit money to drill. So each community must raise those funds themselves. It demonstrates ownership. It creates a partnership. Everyone has a stake in the well and its long-term success. That matters.

Want to See More?

We report back and take pictures of every well we dig. Then we put it all online for everyone to see.

We think that it's essential everyone knows where their money went and the good it does.

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