Wells for India

Program Description

Michael Viser, Director of Wells for Life, visits a new well in India

The Water Project is partnered with Wells for Life to help bring clean water to the poorest communities in India. Working with DWPA, a local NGO in India, we will be funding fresh water well projects that will alleviate the suffering a lack of access to clean water causes.

Access to clean water is essential to development around the world and India is certainly no exception. In fact, the effects of water scarcity are growing more desperate in India faster than they are in many countries.

How You Can Help Bring Clean Water to India

Our partner, Wells for Life, has been working in India since 2001 and we're excited about the projects you will help build.

To join in and help support these projects too, you can donate right now! For less than $5/person, you can give the gift of clean water in India.

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About Wells for Life

Wells for LifeWells for Life® is seeking to address the problem in India one well at a time, and to do so from a holistic perspective by first addressing the physical needs of the individual and then their community. We are seeking to accomplish this task through forming partnerships with other organizations that share the same passion we do for meeting one of the most basic needs: the need for water.

Wells for Life® continues to receive requests for water wells in different rural villages and communities throughout India. It is our vision to meet every viable request presented to us, and to do it in a sustainable way with lasting impact. We seek to carry out our projects with the wholehearted participation of the receiving community and to work with the community. Taking ownership of the well project, they will keep it a life giving source of water for years to come.

With each of our projects we utilize the expertise of Indian professionals trained in engineering, hydrogeology, and construction as well gain the help of the receiving community to carry out the project. Furthermore, it is our goal to establish the location of each project on property that will afford equal access to all those within the village or community, regardless of one's faith or caste.

Finally, it is our hope that each project initiated will bring immediate relief and be a building block for future projects for all those we are in partnership with.