Eburenga Primary School - New Well

Report from the Field:

The following report was submitted to us on October 31st, 2008 from our partner in the field.

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Eburenga School:

  • 872 pupils
  • 12 teachers
  • 2004 people will benefit from a well to be drilled here.

"These students suffer from regular stomach aches, cholera & diarrhoea. The headmaster said that they had lost a pupil due to a waterborne disease 2 months ago." - Pius, of The Bridge Water Project (our field partner)

The new well will be located just west of Kakamega, Kenya:
Lat: 000 19.100 N
Long: 034 40.899 E
See the school in Google Earth

It is being sponsored by the many groups and individuals like you who gave to the Wells for Schools: Kenya Project.

This well project should be completed by Dec. 2008.

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“This project started with two girls just wanting to help, but finished with a whole school contributing to what we feel is a very helpful, compassionate cause.”

- Shelby C., H.S. Student

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