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See what happened when the water crisis came to a local Hollywood theater.

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Dirty water doesn't care who Florence is or what she has to offer the world.

Florence is the class president at Shisango Girl's School. She's bright, charismatic and full of life. You're better for knowing her.

It took Florence and her classmates 2 hours to walk to the school's previous, polluted, water source.

She calls the walk "too dark... where you could encounter dangerous animals or men." Her water was just as dangerous.

Florence Okomo celebrates her Water Day, every day.

Last September a group of donors rallied together to make this Water Day possible. They cared who Florence is and what she has to offer the world. They finished raising funds on September 30, 2014 and their Water Day would soon provide safe water for Florence and her classmates.

On March 2, 2015, Florence's Water Day came in the form of a new water well and ongoing monitoring and support through The Water Project's team in Kenya.

Like all our supporters do, this group of fundraisers watched it all happen, in photos, on maps and through story. And they committed to The Water Promise to ensure it lasts.

We're proud to celebrate with Florence, and welcome you to join us.

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