Safe water empowers the 'Girl Child'.
You make it possible.

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They call her "Girl Child"
We call her Leader.

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Ask any girl what she’d rather do than walk for water and she’ll share her dreams for school, a career and her contribution (beyond gathering water) to her community. Lack of access to safe water and sanitation is the primary reason girls drop out of school.

Safe water liberates her.

Why is education so important? Women reinvest up to 90 percent of their income back into their own households, compared to 30-40 percent by men. Access to safe water and sanitation allows girls to make their dreams a reality.

Safe water encourages her.

A water project is not something that happens to a community, it is something that happens with a community. And how it happens matters.

At The Water Project, women are undeniably a key player as both recipient and implementer of clean water and sanitation systems. When you support The Water Project and give a girl water, your gift also supports her role models – strong leaders like Catherine. When girls see development come to their communities through these women leaders, they know their dreams are possible.

Safe water inspires her.

Unlock Her Potential.

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