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Someone just gave $17.80 to Global Clean Water Initiative
Someone just gave $20.00 to Rhyder Fisher's Fundraising Page
Someone just gave $15.00 to Art Guidry's Fundraising Page
Someone just gave $35.29 to AJ Leveen's Fundraising Page
and said For my big brother! I wanted to be the first to donate here! Love, Eden
Someone just gave $51.25 to Grace Graebel's Fundraising Page
and said It\'s a win win. Finding books a new home and earned cash from the Half Price book store and gave the money to this project.
Someone just gave $100.00 to Water Wings II
Someone just gave $68.00 to Liam's Wells - Liam's Friends
Someone just gave $35.29 to Mike Rainey's Fundraising Page
Someone just gave $34.00 to Global Clean Water Initiative
and said Best of luck!
Someone just gave $20.88 to Mike Rainey's Fundraising Page

How it Works


Create your page and then rally friends and and family to support your project.


Inspire your friends and family to join you in support of clean water. When you're done raising money, just let us know. We'll mark your page complete and assign what you've raised to a specific project.


We'll select a community in need of a water project, and as soon as work begins, we'll let you know where it is! You'll get info on the community you're helping, usually within 6-8 months after your campaign is complete.


Once construction is finished, you'll receive another update with pictures, GPS, a community profile and sometimes even video. You'll be able to celebrate along with the community you've served!


Who's Helping?

Thousands have joined... tens of thousands have been helped!
Top Active Fundraisers

Bibi Haji Marhaba Qaderi's Memorial Page - Total Raised: $9699.27

Sadaqatul jariyah is ongoing charity (continuous rewards) received by us (for good actions and deeds), that will not only benefit us in this life, but...

Global Clean Water Initiative - Total Raised: $8224.03

Africa faces huge challenges with multiple issues that adversely affect public health. One major challenge is the ability for both rural and urban ...

Akerson's Fundraising Page - Total Raised: $6126.10

Clean water is such a basic need, we want to join with others to help provide safe, clean drinking water to people that don't currently have it. Pleas...

Money for More Water: Makenna's Fundraising Page - Total Raised: $4438.65

Hi everyone! I am so excited to start raising money for this amazing cause. I am doing this fundraiser as a part of my Capstone project for schoo...

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