Ouattara - Mayor Adjunct, discussing her newly donated water project in Burkina Faso

community member and Mayor
Adjunct, Ouattara. What I have seen today went straight to my heart. You have changed everything with this
pump. I, and our village, am full of joy.

Ouattara - Mayor Adjunct
The Water Project: Bougouriba Community
Kadie - Hospital Cook, discussing her newly donated water project in Sierra Leone

I used to have to fetch water across the hospital compound and it was a lot to bring the amount of water that I needed to prepare food for the patients. I'm so happy this well has been rehabilitated and that even a new pump is inside to send water to the tank. I will have access to water at my sink. I'm so happy for this intervention. Thank you!

Kadie - Hospital Cook
The Water Project: Lungi Government Hospital
Camille S - Farmer, discussing her newly donated water project in Burkina Faso

“I salute everyone first of all. This is a great thing that we have come to receive this new well. Where is life if you do
not have water, where is your strength? Our water slept many years, but today, thanks to God's help, water has woken up in one day only. We will not stop to give you thanks! Thanks every day!”

Camille S - Farmer
The Water Project: Kousielle Primary School
Kam - Community Member, discussing her newly donated water project in Burkina Faso

Truly the teachers of the children are very happy, along with the children, and all the population of Wan. May God accompany you and bless you. Thank you!

Kam - Community Member
The Water Project: Wan Primary School
Keith, Farmer, discussing her newly donated water project in Uganda

I thank God that I have lived until now to witness his goodness, mercy and love. The many years I have lived in this community, I have witnessed young and old people suffer and die of sanitation related diseases. I strongly believe this new borehole, if well maintained, will save us from such suffering.

Keith, Farmer
The Water Project: Kitabo Community
Alusine - Farmer, discussing her newly donated water project in Sierra Leone

I feel now people understand how important clean water is and how it makes us healthy. Before we did not know and just drank water we could find. I am proud and thankful.

Alusine - Farmer
The Water Project: Targrin Community
Michael S - Teacher, discussing her newly donated water project in Sierra Leone

"It has taken some time to get this well fixed. It has spoiled many times. Hopefully now we will have a good water source that will last."

Michael S - Teacher
The Water Project: DEC Kamasondo School
Holire, Village Chief, discussing her newly donated water project in Burkina Faso

The problem of water here in the village was always crucial. But with this rehabilitation it has diminished. I want to thank all those who have put their hands into this project. I ask also that the people of the village take good care of the things we have received thanks to God.

Holire, Village Chief
The Water Project: Sorendigui Community 2014

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