One billon lack access to clean water See how safe water improves health in the developing world. start a fundraiser or donate to help build wells. See our work, digging wells in Africa.

Help Provide Wells in Africa

Nearly 1 billion people suffer needlessly without access to safe water. We're convinced this can change - one village at a time.
It's incredibly important work. We need your help. Find out how...

The Water Project provides clean, safe drinking water by
hand pumped water well
  1. Connecting donors to proven partners who are drilling fresh water wells, providing sanitation and hygiene training and constructing other sustainable water projects.

  2. Showing every donor the specific impact of their gifts through photos, short stories and GPS map coordinates of every project.

  3. Following up, monitoring and evaluating the projects we support to help ensure our shared work has a long-term impact.

We believe that every supporter can become part of the story of water by learning, acting, giving and then seeing the difference they make.

We're looking for willing hands...are you ready?

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Wells for Schools

Dig wells in Africa for schools You can help dig new fresh water wells at schools in Africa and enable our partners to quickly expand to other areas. You can be a part of an amazing effort to bring hope back to students who lack access to clean water - the very foundation to grow into who they were created to be.

For as little as $6,500 a new well can be installed at a school or community center and serve hundreds of students and their families.

The Wells for Schools Project

You can learn more and get involved right now!

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The Water Challenge

“Our goal was $1000 to fix two wells in Zambia, and we are so excited to be able to do that and more through The Water Project!”

- Kimberly L., H.S. student

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