The Water Project provides access to clean, safe and reliable water across sub-Saharan Africa.

Your gift of $34 will change a life.


She dreams of spending time in school rather than walking miles to find only dirty water that will likely make her sick.

She dreams tomorrow could be different than today.

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her HOPE

Your gift of safe water gives life and connects you to her future. Through relational reporting, you'll see exactly how. We're ready to celebrate the hope your gift of safe water brings!

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Restored health allows her to take care of her family. Education opens the door to investing back into her own community.

Truly reliable water unlocks her future. Our members keep the promise of water flowing every day!

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Through reporting that includes GPS coordinates, photos and information about who and how you’ve helped, you’ll know exactly how your giving makes a difference.

Communities are waiting for water. Our teams are ready to respond.  
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Water and sanitation are essential to a girl's success in Africa