Emmanuel - Farmer, discussing her newly donated water project in Rwanda
We would have to go down to the stream to get water and it was visibly unclean. There were many activities happening upstream and we were downstream fetching the same water. It will be so different with this new well....
Emmanuel - Farmer
The Water Project: Biraro Community
Aminata - Farmer, discussing her newly donated water project in Sierra Leone
We used to collect water from an open stream and the water was so dirty–it was not desirable for us to use. We only had to use the water because we did not have any choice. Now we thank God that we have clean and safe water within easy reach from our houses....
Aminata - Farmer
The Water Project: Kalie Town Crossing
Kantarama P - Farmer, discussing her newly donated water project in Uganda
I thank you for this water! The water is clean, palatable and easily accessible. You have saved us from the burden of collecting and drinking dirty water....
Kantarama P - Farmer
The Water Project: Maita
Niragire - Farmer, discussing her newly donated water project in Rwanda
Everyone in this community was used to fetching water from swamps. You would see people wandering in swamps in the evening. This well will stop us from collecting water that way. Swamp water has never been clean, but we were using it anyway, because we had no other option. It feels good to have clean water. We did not expect this to happen!...
Niragire - Farmer
The Water Project: Kinama Village
Otem Sorie - Farmer, discussing her newly donated water project in Sierra Leone
The old water source was like poison to us. The water was not only dirty, but was also heavily contaminated because it was an open water source... We are now boasting about having access to good water!...
Otem Sorie - Farmer
The Water Project: Bramah Town
Akankwasa - Farmer, discussing her newly donated water project in Uganda
Our previous water source, a hand dug pond, had dirty water and would dry up during the dry season. Consequently, we were walking long distances hunting for water. My wife and young children have been relieved from the burden of walking long distances hunting for insecure water....
Akankwasa - Farmer
The Water Project: Kyenturegye Community
Sami - Farmer, discussing her newly donated water project in Burkina Faso
I am very moved and at a loss of words strong enough to communicate our feelings. The parents of the school children would like to extend their thanks. I think that this will be like a new school year for all of the students and all the teachers, with this rehabilitation. It will be a pleasure for everyone during the academic year ahead. We t...
Sami - Farmer
The Water Project: Dolo Commune
Kansiime - Head Teacher, discussing her newly donated water project in Uganda
The reason why we requested Living Water Uganda several times for a water source was because the only source nearest to the school was the community valley dam, located three kilometers away. The other source is a hand-dug pond that requires pupils to cross the road, pre-disposing them to traffic accidents. The school enrollment, attendance an...
Kansiime - Head Teacher
The Water Project: Coleb Primary School

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Girl at new fresh water well in Sierra Leone
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