As we work to provide water, we're committed to helping people like you meet your global neighbors and to realize that we all share the same basic needs. We hope to break down stereotypes and the false distinctions between the so-called winners and losers, rich and poor, the needy and charitable, by introducing you to the people we serve with the respect and admiration they rightfully deserve.

These are stories of hope, told in the words of those who carry out this work every day - our friends in the field.

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A Year Later: Vokoli Primary School

The pupils used to waste a lot of time going to fetch water from a spring 1.5 kilometers away instead of studying. With the construction of the water tank in the school, the pupils now have access to safe drinking water in the school. They are using that time to study and this has led to improved performance of the students.

A Year Later: Mukuli Primary School

Initially, the school had a population of 636 and with the introduction of the facilities, the number has improved to 702. Improvement in academics from a mean of 276 to a mean of 298 has occurred as well. General cleanliness both of the students and the school compound has also improved.

A Year Later: Kakamega Township Primary School

Since the project was completed, the cost of paying water bills has gone down and the money can be used to do other development activities in the school. There is a great improvement in terms of performance as pupils now have time to concentrate on their school work.

A Year Later: Shivakala Primary School

A lot has changed in our school. I now have peace in my mind that my pupils are getting safe drinking water in the school.

A Year Later: Kimingini Primary School

“With fewer absenteeism cases, fewer ailment issues and more enrollment of pupils, our teachers are now more psyched to come to school to teach and students now have enough time to be in class to learn and compete fairly. We believe by the end of this year our school will be a beacon of light in our community,” said Head Teacher Mr. Ngaira.

A Year Later: Ebwiranyi Secondary School

“Ebwiranyi Secondary School in Kenya now enjoys the use of water direct from the tank with lots of confidence,” says WEWASAFO staff member Wilson Kipchoge as he visits the school a year after their rainwater catchment system, latrines, and hand washing stations were installed.

A Year Later: Amalemba Primary School

“I no longer carry water from home for school use,” says Prince Gabriel, a 10-year-old pupil of Amalemba Primary School in Kenya.

A Year of Growth for Nahun Drive

Every day that I visit this community, their hygiene is much better than some communities…

I'm a Fighter

The clean water source brought a “new normal” of health to the community. And, it unleashed the entrepreneur in Isabella.

What Life is like before Clean Water

We will be very happy once the tank is completed as we will have access to clean water at the school.

Meet Nduku

“I no longer carry water to school since we already have a water tank. We now have access to clean water all year round so our lessons aren’t interrupted. We can plant trees and flowers in our school compound. Water borne diseases have gone down, too!”

Clean Water Equals Hope

“I felt like a super girl. When I got in the new school, the first thing I saw was a hand pump provided by The Water Project. Since I came to this school, my academic life has always been the best. I have time to study and am looking forward to be a doctor.”

This Is Our Story - This Is Our Hope

Clearly this is a different place than the one I was at two years ago. 

Sanitation Saved My Husband

“I thank The Water Project and WEWASAFO for saving my husband from death.”

Cassava For Breakfast

“With more dams, more terraces, more trees and the freed up time that we used to spend in fetching water we will soon start having cassavas and pearl millet porridge for breakfast once again!”

Jigger Infestation: A case study of Mary and Mesharck from Hondolo

“I remember one day when Mary fainted. We immediately administered first aid and when the parent was called she admitted that they never had supper the previous night and also breakfast that day. It was so sad.”

Benedict Oruma-Skilled Mason

The Water Project and WEWASAFO changed my life

Income from Mud

Access to clean water can also provide access to a new livelihood.

Lorna Chepkemei

It is Lorna’s desire that she and the rest of the pupils spend more time in their studies and co-curriculum activities instead of going to fetch water.

Raising Hope Through Sand Dams

Her smile provides a welcoming embrace to all she meets, but her ambitious plans for her big family are equally radiant. 

Sand Dams Never Lie

We don’t buy vegetables such as kale from the market anymore, because we can now grow it ourselves, thus putting the money to other use.

Light Of Thwake

They no longer go to Tawa market as buyers of vegetables but instead, they now sell vegetables at a profit.

Aliceson Cherop

Our performance has gone down due to being late for classes and having to go to the water supply to look for water.

That's Why We're Having a Thanksgiving Today

You see that? That’s why we are happy today. That’s why we are having a thanksgiving today, to thank you for having enabled us to have such a project.