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Someone just gave $50.00 to Sulayman and Yousuf\'s Campaign for Water
and said So proud of you, dear Sulayman and Yousuf
Someone just gave $329.58 to Karim's Campaign for Water
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Someone just gave $68.00 to Mrs. Burns' Class Campaign for Water
Someone just gave $68.00 to Libby's Campaign for Water
Someone just gave $35.29 to Water is Life....Fundraising Page
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Someone just gave $10.00 to Abby's Campaign for Water
Someone just gave $35.29 to Water Walk 2016
Someone just gave $68.00 to Water is Life....Fundraising Page
and said water is a human right - Hi KC and KY Tio loves you
Someone just gave $34.00 to Rebecca Wilcher's Campaign for Water
Someone just gave $50.00 to Abby's Campaign for Water
and said poot :)

How it Works


Create your page and then rally friends and and family to support your project.


Inspire your friends and family to join you in support of clean water. When you're done raising money, just let us know. We'll mark your page complete and assign what you've raised to a specific project.


We'll select a community in need of a water project, and as soon as work begins, we'll let you know where it is! You'll get info on the community you're helping, usually within 6-8 months after your campaign is complete.


Once construction is finished, you'll receive another update with pictures, GPS, a community profile and sometimes even video. You'll be able to celebrate along with the community you've served!


Who's Helping?

Thousands have joined... tens of thousands have been helped!
Top Active Fundraisers

Huntington Central Church of the Nazarene's Campaign for Water - Total Raised: $8541.80

I hope you'll consider joining Huntington Central to fund a water project. With your gifts and your help rallying support, we can provide clean, safe...

Mike's Memorial Well - Total Raised: $8077.97

My husband Mike Wetzel was murdered in the San Bernardino terrorist attacks on December 2, 2015. In honor of his memory I would like to build a well i...

Kathy Williams' Fundraising Page - Total Raised: $4844.07

My life feels like one amazing adventure! I am now celebrating my 6th decade, I've been a nurse for over 40 years, and finally was able to check 'gett...

Midwest Pond Design's 4th Fundraiser 2016/2017 - Total Raised: $4576.52

My involvement with the Water Project started on New Year's Day 2012, I woke up and wondered, What could I do in my life that could leave a mark? How ...

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