Total Raised
People Helped
Someone just gave $68.00 to Meredith's Campaign for Water
and said Sweet Meredith! This is the most beautiful birthday gift. Salva and Nya would be proud. We love you! Justine, Peter, Aidan, Kenny and Meron
Someone just gave $36.00 to Stop the Walk
and said Mazel tov to Ruthie, Sadie and Jacob on their wonderful Tikkun Olam work. Love, the Katon-Kressel family
Someone just gave $136.00 to Girl Scout Troop 3529 Campaign for Water
Someone just gave $34.00 to Dorothy's Campaign for Water
and said Well done Dorci! :-)
Someone just gave $70.28 to Stop the Walk
and said Jennifer, Mazel Tov on your bar mitzvah! Your grandmother and our mother, Ruth Heldfond, 1st cousins/besties, would be so proud. Cameron & Dick Davis
Someone just gave $20.88 to Catholic Youth Summer CAMP-aign for Water
Someone just gave $68.00 to Roxy's Campaign for Water
and said Roxy, we hope you reach this very worthwhile goal. Tito and Tita
Someone just gave $34.00 to Meredith's Campaign for Water

How it Works


Create your page and then rally friends and and family to support your project.


Inspire your friends and family to join you in support of clean water. When you're done raising money, just let us know. We'll mark your page complete and assign what you've raised to a specific project.


We'll select a community in need of a water project, and as soon as work begins, we'll let you know where it is! You'll get info on the community you're helping, usually within 6-8 months after your campaign is complete.


Once construction is finished, you'll receive another update with pictures, GPS, a community profile and sometimes even video. You'll be able to celebrate along with the community you've served!

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