The Money Spent Can Be Used Better Elsewhere

Many consumers consider bottled water to be a part of their regular grocery expense. Over the last decade it has become a staple with the average American spending over $100 per year/per person.

It is our hope that some of you will change back to plain or filtered tap water by using refillable stainless steel bottles. Then, take all those savings and use them to support a charity like The Water Project, whose mission it is to reduce poverty and bring access to clean water to communities in need.

Don't get us wrong. We know bottled water can be a "necessary" convenience. And there are even occasions when packaged water is required, like in natural disasters, etc. When it is necessary, we commend all consumers who practice responsible use of bottled water, which includes purchasing PET bottles and recycling them.

If the convenience is something you just can't give up, then why not consider "offsetting" the ethical cost of this water use by making an additional donation to a water charity?

Most of us do have a choice as to how we spend the money we earn or receive, thats the privilege of living in a society whose per capita income exceeds most of the globe. However, our earning should be paired with responsible spending, particularly in the current economy. Part of that responsible spending could be limiting consumption of pre-packaged water, a step towards living a simpler, "greener" life.

When we choose to spend money wisely, we are able to give more freely to those in need. We think skipping the bottle to save a live is a great choice. We sincerely hope you will too.