Njenga Well Repair

The crew repairs the casings.

The crew repairs the casings.

Located in North Western Province of Zambia, this repaired well pump will serve over 300 people.  It is located at a community school.

One of the repair crew mentioned that, “People of the community were overwhelmed with joy.  They were excited and started singing songs of thanks.”

For a little more than $1/person, clean water in again flowing in this village, thanks to donors like you!

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Kamakechi Well Repair

The crew works to repair the pump

The crew works to repair the pump

This well was recently repaired thanks to the hard work of Kimberly and friends and their Water Challenge fundraiser.

Clean, safe drinking water has been restored to over 800 people.  This well, located at a community school, is essential to enabling this community to develop.

One of the crew noted that the community members, “were happy to see us repairing the pump and started singing songs thanking God for the mercy He has shown them.”

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Muselepete Well Repair

The crew flushes out the pump after it is repaired

In North western Province, Zambia, our partner’s crews are repairing wells.  This well is now once again serving clean, safe drinking water to nearly 1,200 people.

These communities know the value of clean water and are so appreciative of the support they are receiving from you, our donors.

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Mabende Kasempa

Located at a Middle Basic School in North western Province, Zambia, this newly repaired well is serving over 1,200 people!

For literally pennies per person, water and health, a better chance at an education, and many more benefits have been returned to this community.  Is there a better way to invest in the developing world.  We don’t think so.

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