Water Access Gives Joseph Time to Farm!

June, 2024

A year ago, your generous donation helped the Ngongo Community in Kenya access clean water – creating a life-changing moment for Joseph. Thank you!

Water Access Gives Joseph Time to Farm!

Last year, your gift unlocked the potential for a brighter future for Joseph and his family. Since then, the hundreds of Ngongo Community residents have had clean, reliable water. Your contribution has made a significant impact. Thank you for making a difference!

"It feels good to draw water from this source because it is just by the roadside and easily accessible," said Joseph.

Before the Solar Pump Installation

Joseph's wife and children collected water to meet the family's daily water needs. Before last year’s water intervention, that task stole their time and negatively affected them due to the long distance and difficult journey.

Drinking the water caused severe consequences. Many in his community suffered from waterborne diseases that created health problems, affecting their daily lives. Limited accessibility also meant people wasted time collecting sufficient water to meet their needs. The difficult journey to collect water sapped their physical and emotional energy, creating roadblocks. For Joseph, in particular, it lessened his opportunity to increase his livelihood since he often had to help his family with the arduous task.

"Life was very difficult in the past because water was scarce. We had to walk all the way to Ikoo River, which is more than 8 kilometers (5 miles) away. This area’s steep [terrain] worsened the situation and the little available water was barely enough for drinking or cooking. My wife and children usually fetch water, and it was dangerous for them to go fetch water by themselves in the distant sources and I had to accompany them occasionally," said Joseph.

"Even though we had constructed a shallow well, the steep terrain made fetching water an arduous affair because I had to draw water [and] then carry it up the slope using my back or a donkey. Fetching water in the past was very tiring because of the steep terrain, thus one could only make a trip per day. I would spend more than two hours drawing water from distant water sources."

Since the Solar Pump Installation

Your generous gift last year was much more than a simple donation; it was a powerful statement about your commitment to this community and Joseph’s future. By supporting the water solution, you made clean water an everyday reality, fostering hope for a brighter future.

Reliable and clean water lays the groundwork for improved health, education, and economic possibilities, allowing people to thrive. We frequently hear from those we interview that "water is life!"

Joseph (left) collecting water.

"This waterpoint is just beside my home therefore my wife and children can easily fetch water when they need it. They are no longer exposed to safety risks associated with the long journey to the previous water points. It’s satisfying to know that my family is stronger and healthier because they no longer have to walk several kilometers and they drink clean water," said Joseph.

The Future is Looking Bright!

A year ago, you made a difference for Joseph and the rest of his community. This is just the first chapter of their story as access to clean water continues to improve their lives!

At The Water Project, we value sustainability and want to ensure that people continue to thrive. We commit to monitoring this project to ensure the water is always flowing and safe to consume. We inspect the system hardware, track water availability, conduct sanitary inspections, and collect water quality samples to identify risks. We work with our team on the ground to resolve them.

You gave Joseph a crucial tool for achieving his dreams: access to clean water. Together, we can excitedly expect that with this precious resource, his enthusiasm and courage will help fulfill dreams.

"This solar pipeline project has brought great reprieve to our community because we have enough water that is easily accessible. It feels good to draw water from this source because it is just by the roadside and we have even nurtured a tree nursery and planted vegetables like kale and tomatoes. Hygiene and sanitation have improved at home because water is nearby and adequate," Joseph said.

"I want to always be able to provide for my family's financial needs, I already have a kitchen garden as well as [a] farm [where] I grow vegetables, which I sell to community members. This project has enabled easy water accessibility that will support the growth and higher farm yields."

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When you invest in The Water Project, you're investing in people like Joseph. Your gifts help us reach more communities with the gift of clean, safe water. And every drop helps unlock potential.

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