A Year Later: "A Boost for Us as a Community!"

August, 2023

A year ago, your generous donation helped Nthonzweni Community in Kenya access clean water – creating a life-changing moment for Susan. Thank you!

A Year Later:

Susan M., 17, recalled what life was like in Nthonzweni Community before her community's dug-well was implemented last year.

"Before the construction of this project, life was very hard. We used to get water from very far, and the water was not very safe for drinking. We did not have enough water for maintaining our hygiene and sanitation as well as for watering our trees and other crops on the farm," Susan shared.

But life is much easier for Susan and the other community members in Nthonzweni Community now.

"Now, I enjoy fetching water from this shallow well point. I feel very happy about this project; it's a boost for us as a community. The source has made me realize the goodness of having clean water near us," Susan continued.

Having ready access to water from the hand-dug well has made a difference for Susan, allowing her to bolster her hygiene and self-esteem.

"Currently, I am able to wash my clothes, wash utensils, and clean our house. With water, everything is possible in our family. We no longer get sick [from] drinking dirty water. Hygiene is at high levels in our community."

Thank you for helping Susan access clean water and brighten her future. She no longer has to fear water-related illnesses and has enough water for her daily needs.

Right now, there are others just like her in neighboring communities that desperately need safe water access. Your support will immediately go to work to provide a clean water project - and we can't wait to introduce you to the next person you'll help.


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When you invest in The Water Project, you're investing in people like Susan. Your gifts help us reach more communities with the gift of clean, safe water. And every drop helps unlock potential.

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