A Year Later: Becoming economically independent through agriculture!

May, 2023

A year ago, your generous donation helped Kyamwau Community in Kenya access clean water – creating a life-changing moment for Judith. Thank you!

A Year Later: Becoming economically independent through agriculture!

Judith Mutheu, 34, recalled what life was like in Kyamwau before her community’s hand-dug well attached to a sand dam was installed last year.

"Before the construction of this sand dam (with a dug well), we faced many challenges. It was difficult looking for water. We wasted a lot of time walking to springs which are very far from here. Our area is characterized [by] rocks and hills, which are hard to climb. We had to queue at the spring, hopefully waiting for a drop of water which may or may not come," said Judith.

But it is much more convenient for Judith and others to collect water in Kyamwau now.

"After constructing this sand dam (with a dug well), life has changed a lot. The water is now clean. In the past year, I have been able to practice farming, which is evident on my farm. I have managed to plant spinach, sukuma wiki (greens), bananas, and Napier grass for my cows," said Judith.

Having ready access to water from the well has made a difference for Judith, allowing her to focus on more productive activities like farming.

"Due to the availability of water, I am able to water my plants adequately with no rush. In the past year, I have planted numerous trees and also ventured into cash crop farming. Currently, my family does not buy food from the market. Rather, we produce it locally for household use,” concluded Judith.

Thank you for helping Judith access clean water and create more security for her and her family.

Right now, there are others just like her in neighboring communities that desperately need safe water access. Your support will immediately go to work to provide a clean water project - and we can’t wait to introduce you to the next person you’ll help.

Judith pumping water at the well.

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