A Year Later: Better Academics and Improved Health

November, 2021

A year ago, your generous donation helped Mukhonje Community in Kenya access clean water – creating a life-changing moment for Margret. Thank you!

A Year Later: Better Academics and Improved Health

“Before [the] implementation of this spring, getting water was very difficult and tiresome because you could stay at the spring for [a] long time in order to fetch water,” said nine-year-old Margret K. “Moreso, children like us [were] given [the] opportunity last to fetch water because the elder ones [were] thinking we might make water dirty on the process before them fetching.
“Now, the water point is discharging a lot of water, so we don’t waste our time queuing for water. Moreso, no one can discriminate [against] us on age as no one can make [the] water dirty as it was before. Also, the rampant cases of waterborne and water-related diseases [were] eliminated completely. So [the] implementation of this spring has impacted me much positively, because [I] am now not prone to waterborne diseases as I was initially.
“Since [the] construction of the spring, I rarely miss going [to] school and this has translated to good performance in academics.”

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