A Year Later: Better health and time to learn!

October, 2022

A year ago, your generous donation helped Khaimba Primary School in Kenya access clean water – creating a life-changing moment for Dockson. Thank you!

A Year Later: Better health and time to learn!

A year ago, life at Khaimba Primary School was challenging since students were constantly out of class, wandering the community in search of water. Not only that, but everyone suffered from water-related diseases from drinking the questionable water they worked so hard to find.

When we asked 13-year-old student Dockson K. what it was like for him before the well was installed at the school last year, he said he often suffered from sickness because of the dirty water he collected.

But since Dockson now collects water from the school borehole, things are different for him and his classmates.

"It has helped me have good health because the water point is clean," said Dockson.

"[I have] good results in school since I don't go out to fetch water during school time," concluded Dockson.

And with more time to focus on learning, who knows how bright the future will be for Dockson!

Dockson at the well.

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