A Year Later: Clean Water to Drink = Peace of Mind!

November, 2023

A year ago, your generous donation helped the St. Mary’s Fubuye Primary School in Kenya access clean water – creating a life-changing moment for Palmah. Thank you!

A Year Later: Clean Water to Drink = Peace of Mind!

Palmah W., 12, recalled what life was like at St. Mary's Fubuye Primary School before her school's well was implemented last year.

"Our source at school was not that reliable as it used to run dry, most often, especially during the drought season. This forced us [to] get water from outside] of the school compound in the community. It was hectic as we traversed various areas to get to the water point. At the water point, on various occasions, it did face congestion, forcing us [to] waste time. This interfered with our usual class lessons," said Palmah.

Collecting water is much less burdensome for Palmah and the other students at St. Mary's Fubuye Primary School.

"I now enjoy peace of mind knowing that my water for drinking is safe. It has helped me utilize my time well while at school by taking my studies very seriously," said Palmah.

Having ready access to water from the well has made a difference for Palmah, allowing her to study more and improve her school environment.

"It has helped me start a campaign at school advocating for safe water drinking and how to keep the water source clean through our CTC club. It has also helped me together [with] other students keep our pit latrines and classes clean all the time, and this has made our school neat," concluded Palmah.

Palmah filling the handwashing station.

Right now, there are others in neighboring communities that desperately need safe water access. Your support will immediately go to work to provide a clean water project - and we can't wait to introduce you to the next person you'll help.

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