A Year Later: Easier and quicker water access!

March, 2023

A year ago, your generous donation helped Indulusia Community in Kenya access clean water – creating a life-changing moment for Salome. Thank you!

A Year Later: Easier and quicker water access!

Before we protected Alfunce Shiroya Spring last year, community members wasted much of their valuable time scooping from a small pool of dirty water to meet their daily needs. It was a tiresome and frustrating process.

"Initially, I used to come from school and find that the water is dirty. Sometimes when it rains, all dirty water covers the spring," said 12-year-old Salome M.

But since the spring's protection, things have been different for those living in Indulusia.

"After school, I run to the protected spring to fetch water. It is now easy to fetch water from the spring because there are stairs leading to [the] spring. The place is not slippery," said Salome.

With quicker and easier access to water, Salome is now able to concentrate on other important things like studying.

"I take [less] time to fetch water, and there is no queue. It helps me to do my evening assignments on time," concluded Salome.

And hopefully, with more time committed to studying, Salome's chances of a brighter future will increase.


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