A Year Later: "It serves the community well"

January, 2023

A year ago, your generous donation helped Bofi Community in Sierra Leone access clean water – creating a life-changing moment for Alie. Thank you!

A Year Later:

Alie B., a 15-year-old from Bofi, described what life was like before the well in his community was rehabilitated last year.

"Before this project was completed in my community, it was a great challenge for me as a child living in a community without [a] sustainable drinking water facility," said Alie.

"This water point was functional, but it [ran] dry in the dry season, and that is the point I use to feel the pinch as a child," said Alie. "In the dry season, I [found] it difficult to go down [to] the swamp to fetch [water], bathe, and come back before going to school. Sometimes I [would] go to school very late, and sometimes I [didn't] go to school if I looked at the time because the distance from my village to my school is more than five miles away."

But things are different now for Alie since he can rely on the well and no longer has to make the long, exhausting trek to the swamp.

"I am happy now that this water point is functional at all times, and it serves the community well," said Alie. "Having access to clean and safe drinking water that is reliable all year round is a great achievement."

Alie standing outside the rehabilitated well.

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