A Year Later: No more hating life!

December, 2022

A year ago, your generous donation helped St. Teresa Emakhwale Primary School in Kenya access clean water – creating a life-changing moment for Laureen. Thank you!

A Year Later: No more hating life!

The students of St. Teresa Emakhwale Primary School used to carry water to school each morning and then leave their school campus again during the day to collect more water from a source several miles away. They were exhausted and missing valuable learning time.

"Going to the river was quite tedious and risky," said 10-year-old student Laureen S.

"Walking long distances while carrying water was quite tedious and cumbersome for me. I hated that kind of life," said another student, 12-year-old Brian O., who echoed Laureen's frustration.

Teacher Mr. Musa said, "It was very tedious to both the learners and teachers. It was risky sending the learners to get water from unknown sources outside [of the] school. There was also wasting of time because the learners were [required] to walk long distances to get water."

But last year, the school had two rain tanks installed, and since then, thankfully, things have been different.

"I can easily access water within the school compound without much struggle. [I] am very happy," Laureen said.

"I am able to concentrate on my studies [rather] than thinking about going for water," Brian concurred.

"My [time] with learners has increased, and therefore, I am able to complete [the] syllabus in time," concluded Mr. Musa.

With easier access to water, students and teachers have more time together in the classroom, and who knows how bright the future might be for students like Laureen and Brian?

Students celebrating at one of the rain tanks.

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