A Year Later: "Our Kids are Healthy!"

August, 2023

A year ago, your generous donation helped Shiandiche Primary School in Kenya access clean water – creating a life-changing moment for Felistus. Thank you!

A Year Later:

Felistus Wamalwa, 54, recalled what life was like in Shiandiche Primary School before her school's well was installed last year.

"Things were not easy at all. Our pupils had the whole heavy responsibility of carrying water from different sources. Some neighbors would chase them away when they would go begging for water. With the water coming from different unknown sources, we experienced sicknesses like sore throat, running nose, and typhoid," said Felistus.

But life is much safer for Felistus and the students in Shiandiche Primary School now.

"Getting water from the borehole is much easier. Our kids are healthy, and this gives me much peace as a teacher because cases of absenteeism due to illnesses have been curbed. A lot of my teaching time used to be wasted with the students fetching water, but that is now a case of the past. Having water available in our school has lessened the burden of carrying water to school by our pupils, thus happy and active children. Our pupils have improved their standards in terms of academics. Hygiene in our school has improved. Our latrines and classrooms have enough water for cleaning. Availability of water in school has caused us to have active hand washing points,"

Having ready access to water from the well has made a difference for Felistus, allowing her to focus on teaching and no longer worry about her student's health when it comes to water-related illnesses.

"It has been easy to perform some practicals like floating and sinking due to [the] availability of water in school. We are able to do farming in school," she concluded.

Thank you for helping Felistus access clean water and help enhance her student's performance, giving them a better chance at a bright future.

Right now, there are others just like her in neighboring communities that desperately need safe water access. Your support will immediately go to work to provide a clean water project - and we can't wait to introduce you to the next person you'll help.


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