A Year Later: Smiles for Clean Water!

September, 2022

A year ago, your generous donation helped Khunyiri Community in Kenya access clean water – creating a life-changing moment for William. Thank you!

A Year Later: Smiles for Clean Water!

When we originally visited Edward Spring in Khunyiri, community members were struggling because the spring was overcrowded, difficult to access, and producing contaminated water that was making people sick.

"It was hard to get water. Sometimes I would fall down because of the place being muddy," said eight-year-old William when describing the spring's previous condition.

But since we protected the spring last year, thankfully, things have improved for William and other community members.

"The stairs are good because they prevent me from falling," William said.

"I can easily get water, and I don't get sick. I will not be absent from school because of sickness, and this will help me pass [my] exams," concluded William.

Fellow community member Felister Weyama, a 65-year-old farmer and trader, said, "Before this project was completed, the water was dirty and made us suffer from diarrhea quite often."

But since the spring's protection, Felister is also noticing her improved health and easier access to water.

"I can easily access water faster and get back home to do other work. I no longer get sick due to dirty water, and therefore I am able to do my own work well," concluded Felister.

William (grey shirt) and other happy community members, including Felister (in the headscarf) at the spring.

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