A Year Later: Spring Improves Hygiene and Unites Community!

September, 2022

A year ago, your generous donation helped Shamoni Community in Kenya access clean water – creating a life-changing moment for Hilda. Thank you!

A Year Later: Spring Improves Hygiene and Unites Community!

Before we protected Laban Ang'ata Spring last year, the people of Shamoni were wasting time in line waiting for others to scoop water and suffering from numerous waterborne diseases.

"It was not easy to draw water from the spring," said 12-year-old Hilda. "I could take [a lot of] time at the spring because old people would not allow the children to draw water before them. In addition, much time was wasted at the spring."

But now, the spring's eye is protected from surface water and runoff contaminants, and water flows from an easy-to-use discharge pipe.

"There is no more queuing at the water point because it is easy now to fetch water," Hilda said. "I take [a] short time to take water home."

In the past year, Hilda has used this opportunity to improve her own personal hygiene.

"I have improved on the side of cleanliness: my body, clothes, and I wash my bedding weekly," Hilda said. "The protected spring provides clean, safe, and reliable water."

"[The] cases of waterborne diseases have reduced, hence [the] money used for medication is now used for other things," said another community member, 23-year-old Consolata. "[The] protection of the spring has also united [the] community members."

Consolata (left) and Hilda (right).

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