A Year Later: Water is available all the time!

December, 2022

A year ago, your generous donation helped Friends Kaimosi Special Primary School in Kenya access clean water – creating a life-changing moment for Chelsea. Thank you!

A Year Later: Water is available all the time!

The students at Friends Kaimosi Special Primary School used to be sent to collect water from a local spring, but the trip was daunting and impossible for some of the students facing more serious physical challenges. And the water students collected often made them sick, causing them to miss valuable learning time in class.

"Previously, to get water was not easy," said 16-year-old Chelsea C. "It was like a dream to me because the school management did not allow us to fetch water outside the school compound. Personally, I used to be very sick every day because of drinking contaminated water and even not washing [my] hands when eating because there was no water."

But since a well was implemented on their school campus, life has looked different for students, and they are experiencing better health.

"Now that water is available all the time, as you can see, I am very clean, and I am able to wash my hands regularly. Additionally, [there is] no more wastage of time and money going to [the] hospital for treatment," said Chelsea.

"My goal is to ensure that other students are maintaining hygiene practices. I am going to be a role model to them, and more so, ensuring handwashing stations are filled with water every day," concluded Chelsea.

Chelsea washing her hands.

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