Giving Update: Womulalu Primary School

May, 2019

A year ago, you funded a rainwater tank at Womulalu Primary School in Kenya – creating a life-changing moment for Joan Mwenesi. Thank you!

Giving Update: Womulalu Primary School

There is an increased sense of order and calmness with how the school runs through its daily activities. Lessons are attended by teachers and students without disruptions! Before the rainwater tank was built, lesson interruptions were common and people could easily spot schoolchildren walking along the road in search of water. But with the tank, water is collected during class breaks when children are allowed to relax and wait for their next lessons.

Besides, the entire school compound looks neat and clean. This project has affected both the pupils and their environment because they have embraced the health messages taught during the sanitation and hygiene training, too.

“The shame on the faces of our pupils has been turned into self-esteem instead. And now we are peaceful and very confident that the joint effort put in by Womulalu School Community to fight ignorance, diseases, and poverty will ultimately bear fruits,” shared Eunice Kanaga, the teacher in charge of sanitation and the CTC student health club we established last year.

“The school has won increased support from parents who are happy that classes are no longer interrupted and learning takes place very well!”

Jacqualine Shigali with Eunice Kanga at the rainwater tank

We also got to speak with 13-year-old Joan when she got a break from class.

“For me and my friends, it is a big win on our part that we are no longer required to carry water from home or to fetch water from outside the school compound. This has helped us save quality academic time,” Joan said.

“Drinking clean water is not the only privilege for us, but the same water has enabled us to keep our classroom environment a clean and good place to be.”

Joan runs water over her hands at the tank’s tap

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