Elizabeth Has Made Progress with Clean Water!

June, 2024

A year ago, your generous donation helped the Tengeti Community in Kenya access clean water – creating a life-changing moment for Elizabeth. Thank you!

Elizabeth Has Made Progress with Clean Water!

Last year, your gift unlocked the potential for a brighter future for Elizabeth. Since then, he and the Tengeti Community of 200 residents have had clean, reliable water. Your contribution has made a significant impact. Thank you for making a difference!

"I love the simplicity involved in fetching water now. All I have to do is place [a] jerrican and wait for it to fill. There is no worry of contaminating the water," said Elizabeth.

Before the Spring Protection

Like many in Kenya, 25-year-old Elizabeth Achieng' is responsible for collecting water to meet her daily water needs. Before last year’s water intervention, that task stole her time and negatively affected her.

The spring before it was protected.

Drinking the water caused severe consequences. Many in her community suffered from waterborne diseases that created health problems, affecting their daily lives. Limited accessibility also meant people wasted time collecting sufficient water to meet their needs. The difficult journey to collect water sapped their physical and emotional energy, creating roadblocks.

"Our spring was partially protected before this full protection was done. It was open to contamination since it [was] dilapidated. The drawing point was flooded with dirty water. The access terrain was not good at all. Water was oozing from different points and it wasn't easy to collect water. The discharge was also low due to the water diverting," shared Elizabeth.

Since the Spring Protection

Your generous gift last year was much more than a simple donation; it was a powerful statement about your commitment to this community and Elizabeth’s future. By supporting the water solution, you made clean water an everyday reality, fostering hope for a brighter future.

Reliable and clean water lays the groundwork for improved health, education, and economic possibilities, allowing people to thrive. We frequently hear from those we interview that "water is life!"

"[I] no longer worry about safety when fetching water. The poor terrain that I used to worry about has some extra stairs [now] that I use to maneuver up the spring. The dirty water that used to stagnate at the drawing point doesn't anymore, nothing can bite me in the water neither can the dirty water contaminate my water,"  said Elizabeth.

"Apart from the water being safe and clean for consumption, the good hygiene training that we received has seen to no water and hygiene-related diseases in my home. My family members wash their hands often which has enhanced [the] good health in my home. With plenty of clean water, one is able to use plenty [of] water. There are no limitations to how much water to use."

The Future is Looking Bright!

A year ago, you made a difference for Elizabeth and the rest of her community. This is just the first chapter of her story as access to clean water continues to improve her life!

At The Water Project, we value sustainability and want to ensure that people continue to thrive. We commit to monitoring this project to ensure the water is always flowing and safe to consume. We inspect the system hardware, track water availability, conduct sanitary inspections, and collect water quality samples to identify risks. We work with our team on the ground to resolve them.

You gave Elizabeth a crucial tool for achieving his dreams: access to clean water. Together, we can excitedly expect that with this precious resource, her enthusiasm and courage will help her fulfill her dreams.

"I have a dream [of] seeing my children grow into adults with no cases of frequent illnesses. With this water, I'll always ensure high standards of cleanliness to keep diseases at bay in my children. If they get sick because of any other reason I believe I'll have some money saved to take care of their medical bills because I now do more at the farm and I am able to sell more produce. [The] availability of water has enabled me [to] have more time to spend at the farm," said Elizabeth.

"My house (mud) was constructed using this water. It was easy for the community members to help me smear the mud on the house because it was easy to fetch water. There was no lining and [no] waiting long at the spring."

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When you invest in The Water Project, you're investing in people like Elizabeth. Your gifts help us reach more communities with the gift of clean, safe water. And every drop helps unlock potential.

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