Giving Update: ACK Milimani Girls' Secondary School

October, 2019

A year ago, your generous donation helped ACK Milimani Girls’ Secondary School in Kenya access clean water – creating a life-changing moment for Lutta Dolphine. Thank you!

Giving Update: ACK Milimani Girls' Secondary School

The school teachers, students, and staff have experienced great benefits from the WaSH projects installed at ACK Milimani Girls’ Secondary School last year. This is because clean water from their rain tank is now more accessible to cater to their daily needs. Sanitation has improved and also the school community does not have to travel for long distances looking for water like in the past.

School staff fully supports the projects by ensuring the proper use of water (not wasting it) and also by ensuring that the surrounding area is clean. This is done by draining stagnant water and cutting down overgrown grass that could otherwise be breeding ground for mosquitoes.

“We are so grateful for putting up this project in our school,” said teacher Okoth Collins.

“It has enabled the students to settle in classes on time. They also have ample time to study as well as keeping away from sickness and diseases. The environment is also kept clean, they also get clean and safe water for drinking and cooking.”

Teacher Ms. Michelle Lugotso with students Lutta and Immaculate at the rain tank

“General hygiene has improved in that the girls are clean both [personally] and [in] their environment. Diseases related to poor hygiene have also not been reported this year. This is because the girls get enough water to wash their hands after a visit to the washroom.”

(For another teacher’s perspective on these projects, check out the video posted on the photos tab of this project to hear Ms. Michelle Lugotso share her story as well!)

One such student is 17-year-old Lutta Dolphine, who reflected on how these WaSH projects have impacted her time at school.

“My life has changed because now I get to drink clean water. My environment is also clean and it gives me the motivation to work harder as a student.”

Field officer Victor Musemi joins the photo at the rain tank

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