Giving Update: Bishop Makarios Secondary School

September, 2019

A year ago, your generous donation helped Bishop Makarios School in Kenya access clean water – creating a life-changing moment for Hosea Kimutai. Thank you!

Giving Update: Bishop Makarios Secondary School

It has been a little over a year since the completion of the 75,000-liter rain tank at Bishop Makarios Secondary School, and on a recent routine field visit, we got time to catch up with faculty and staff to learn how the WaSH projects have impacted their school.

“Since the project was brought to us last year, I proudly say that we have indeed seen its fruits,” said Deputy Principal Mr. Andrew Rutoh.

“This big water tank is really a blessing to us as a school because we now have a reliable water source within the compound, thus reducing the time spent by our students going to look for water outside.”

Deputy Principal Andrew Rutoh and Field Officer Wilson Kipchoge

Bishop Makarios Secondary School has clearly embraced their WaSH projects. The school does everything possible to try to ensure there is water in the tank, even during dry spells, to promote a continuous supply throughout the year. The school compound looks very clean and well maintained with flowers and trees grown around the compound and along the fences.

The school even has a new gate which makes it look very attractive, an improvement inspired by the WaSH projects which brought much pride, excitement, and attention to the school.

New school gate

“Also, with these facilities around, cases of indiscipline have gone down…Students used to fight along the way or at the [off-campus water] sources while trying to get the water, but now we have very close supervision. Time management is now a norm at our school because of [the] availability of facilities in nearly all spheres of our daily needs i.e water, sanitation, and hygiene,” said Deputy Principal Rutoh.

“No more cases of complaints from the students and staff of sickness due to the consumption of contaminated water as there is now a reliable known source within us here at the school compound.”

For 16-year-old student Hosea Kimutai, the installation of these WaSH projects have changed the nature of his school day and, with his goals in mind, the course of his education.

“[Since] we got these projects in our school, I no longer go to fetch water from outside the school compound because we have a very big tank. Much of my time is spent on studies and academic activities to improve my performance,” he said.

“The water from this tank has brought health to our school because I do not get sick after consuming water from it. The latrines have helped my colleagues and [me] to ensure that open defecation is prevented, unlike in the previous time where students had a hard time trying to access the facilities. With the availability of handwashing stations, I now wash my hands on a daily basis to prevent germs that cause diseases.”

Hosea, Andrew, Cyprian, Wilson

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