Giving Update: Bukhubalo Primary School

July, 2019

A year ago, you funded a rainwater tank at Bukhubalo Primary School in Kenya – creating a life-changing moment for Milton Mmala. Thank you!

Giving Update: Bukhubalo Primary School

After Bukhubalo Primary School received their water and sanitation projects a little over a year ago, things around the school have changed for the better.

Pupils here are now enjoying water within the compound. General cleanliness has really improved, and students and teachers wash their hands after visiting the latrines. The school latrines and classrooms look cleaner since the hygiene training, which was in no small part made possible by the availability of water in the school compound.

Teacher Hellen Wanami knows the importance of these changes, and how they are helping her school and her students every day.

“Initially the children used to bring water from home, but now they access water easily from the tank,” said Hellen.

“The school didn’t clean classes in the past, but now they clean the classrooms on Fridays. Absenteeism as a result of water-related diseases has reduced as pupils have embraced good hygiene,” Hellen added.

Milton Mmala, a 15-year-old student, said that “life has improved because nowadays we clean our hands unlike before” when there was no water to do so.

While there remain other obstacles for Milton and the rest of his friends at Bukhubalo Primary to overcome, we will continue to work to ensure that at least water is not one of them.

Hellen and Milton

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