Giving Update: Bushili Secondary School

July, 2019

A year ago, you funded a rainwater tank at Bushili Secondary School in Kenya – creating a life-changing moment for Julius Oyemba. Thank you!

Giving Update: Bushili Secondary School

Bushili Secondary School is one of the many schools in Kakamega County, Kenya that understands what it means to struggle without access to clean, safe water or proper sanitation facilities.

According to Deputy Principal Titus Wanyama, the previously insufficient sanitation facilities in the school had posed challenges to the school administration. Once, the school staff was summoned by the Bushili Chief because school boys had been sneaking into neighbors’ plantations just to relieve themselves.

But now, things have changed at Bushili, and the community is at peace. The school has plenty of water and sufficient sanitation facilities. One year later as we stepped onto the school grounds at Bushili, we were welcomed by a changed school community.

The first thing you notice is how you are welcomed with a clean environment conducive for learning as a result of the WaSH projects in the school. The availability of water within the school compound has enabled students to concentrate on their studies, instead of fetching water. They are learning in clean classrooms as cleanings are now possible on a regular basis. The sanitation facilities in the school are sufficient and clean. We also spotted students washing their hands after visiting the toilets – something which was once only practiced by teachers.

Deputy Principal Titus Wanyama said that “a lot of changes have happened since the implementation of the projects in the school.”

“One [is how] the students access safe water within the school grounds. [Second], sanitation and hygiene in the school have improved greatly. Initially, the school had only two pit latrines meant for boys, which was not sufficient thus [they became] dirty easily,” Mr. Wanyama said.

“[Now] students are washing their hands after toilet visits unlike before because we now have handwashing facilities and there is availability of water.”

17-year-old student Julius Oyemba feels the positive impact of the WaSH projects at his school every day. Julius serves as Bushili Secondary’s Sanitation Prefect, a very important position in helping to maintain the school community’s active use and protection of their new rain tank and sanitation facilities.

“As the Sanitation Prefect, my duty has been [made] easier due to [the] WaSH projects in the school,” Julius said.

“The sanitation facilities are now sufficient, and due to [the] availability of water, cleaning them [happens] on [a] daily basis.”

Even more to the point for Julius, however, is the time that these projects have given back to him for what matters most to him at school.

“I have gotten enough time for my studies,” said Julius, a welcome change from the long absences he was once accustomed to due to fetching water and getting sick from that water.

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