Giving Update: Esembe Community, Chera Spring

July, 2019

A year ago, you funded a spring protection at Esembe Community in Kenya – creating a life-changing moment for Linet Ababu. Thank you!

Giving Update: Esembe Community, Chera Spring

Since the implementation of Chera Spring’s protection a little over a year ago, on a recent field visit we saw how this project has brought about major improvements in the community in terms of proper hygiene and sanitation standards.

These changes include how, first and foremost, Esembe Community is now able to access clean, safe water for their own use. This starkly contrasts with their situation before spring protection, when their water was constantly exposed to contaminants. Cases of waterborne diseases are now a thing of the past as now the community is able to maintain proper hygiene and sanitation standards.

Accessibility to Chera Spring is much easier and faster than it used to be, as there are now stairs installed to easily direct people to the water source. Currently, a majority of spring users are also now engaged in income-generating activities. These were inspired after our training in Esembe last year, and community members’ work has helped solve cases of unemployment.

Mr. Elisha Mwalo, Chair of the Chera Spring Water User Committe

Chair of the Chera Spring water committee, Mr. Elisha Mwalo, shared with us how these changes have impacted his village over the last year.

“As a community, we appreciate [you] for the wonderful project implemented in our land. As of today, we are enjoying availability of clean, safe water courtesy of [you], who took a bold step [in] protecting our spring,” Elisha said.

“We also enjoy good sanitation facilities, especially [community] members who had a privilege of benefiting from the [sanitation platforms]. Their toilets are well maintained [and] up to standard as advised during the hygiene and sanitation training. Accessibility of the spring is much [mpre] convenient as there are stairs installed which direct one to the water point, compared to years back where our community members had challenges accessing [water], especially the [elderly].”

“Time wastage is now a thing of the past as community members accessing the spring are now able to fetch water within a short period of time thanks to the installation of the discharge pipe.”

16-year-old Linet Ababu was also happy to share with us how this spring and the sanitatoin projects have improved her life and the life of her neighbors.

Linet fetches water

“The standard of hygiene in our community has really improved due to clean and safe water for consumption,” Linet said.

“Community members no longer suffer from water-related diseases like in the past when it was rampant. The economic levels have improved as currently, a majority [of people] are involved in income-generating activities.”

“Accessing the spring, especially during the night, was [once] a big challenge due to the [prominence] of snakes and tortoises as this was their breeding site, and this put community members’ lives at risk. But, thank God, [the danger] is now a thing of the past as the surrounding [area] is safe after spring protection.”

Elisha, Linet, Victor

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