Giving Update: Eshilibo Primary School

September, 2019

A year ago, your generous donation helped Eshilibo Primary School in Kenya access clean water – creating a life-changing moment for Chrisantus Enjusi. Thank you!

Giving Update: Eshilibo Primary School

The first year Eshilibo Primary School did its first national exam was the same year they received their WaSH projects, in 2018. After last year, the students and staff said they were determined to perform better this year because they now have water within the school compound. This means that the pupils have enough time to concentrate on schoolwork instead of going out in search of water.

Other changes over the last year include sanitation standards, which have improved at Eshilibo Primary. As we entered the school compound on a recent visit, we were able to spot a few children washing their hands after visiting the toilet using the handwashing stations we installed last year.

On this visit we connected with the Health and Sanitation Teacher Mr. Isaac Anunda. We were able to share a lot on improvements and ongoing challenges of sanitation within the school, and brainstormed next steps to continue helping this school community grow and improve their hygiene and sanitation. Mr. Anunda came up with the idea of calling a parents meeting at the school to share the same sanitation information the students received at their school training last year. This, he hopes, will help spread good health practices homeward, including improvising handwashing facilities such as constructing tippy taps or leaky tins.

12-year-old student Centrine Naliaka at the rain tank

"Since the WaSH facilities were put up in the school the population of the school has increased from 250 to 280, and we expect the enrollment to increase because parents are sure [of the] water their children are drinking at school," said Mr. Anunda. He also expressed his sincere thanks to our team for helping his school, and his hopes that we might be able to continue helping other schools in the area that were in the same position Eshilibo was once in.

Students shared with us the other changes they have felt since the implementation of their WaSH projects last year.

"Our performance has really improved because we have water in the school compound and we are no longer asked to get out of class to go and look for water," said 13-year-old Chrisantus Enjusi. "Lunch, on the other hand, is prepared on time for both teachers and pupils...and we are sure the food is well prepared because the water is treated thus [it is] clean and safe for human consumption."

Centrine, Field Officer Betty, Chrisantus, and Mr. Anunda at the rain tank

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