Giving Update: Imbale Secondary School

July, 2019

A year ago, you funded a rainwater tank at Imbale Secondary School in Kenya – creating a life-changing moment for Loise Wekesa. Thank you!

Giving Update: Imbale Secondary School

Life at Imbale Secondary School looks very different than it did just one short year ago.

During one of our recent field visits, we were pleased to see that the hygiene and sanitation conditions in the school have improved greatly due to the availability of water and toilets. There are fewer cases of waterborne diseases among the school community because of access to clean and safe drinking water. All of the students and staff are also able to wash their hands before and after meals and every time after they visit the toilet.

We were told there has also been improved academic performance among the students because they do not waste time looking for water at the community water points as it is now readily available in the school.

Sanitation Teacher Mrs. Mumford Isadia has seen these changes first hand at her school.

“The classes and other school buildings are clean because there is sufficient water for cleaning purposes. The students are able to spend more hours studying because they do not have to go look for water outside the school. Consequently, they are able to concentrate more on their studies and hence perform better,” she said.

Mrs. Mumford Isadia

For 18-year-old Loise Wekesa, these water and sanitation projects have altered her school routine for the better.

“The students can now easily access clean water that can be used for both drinking and cleaning purposes,” Loise said.

“The students do not have to go to the community water points to get water because it is available in school,” she added. That means more water for everyone – both students and community members, including their parents – since there is no longer competition for the same water source.”

Loise (left) with another student

Smiles for flowing water!

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