Giving Update: Imusutsu High School

September, 2019

A year ago, your generous donation helped Imusutsu High School in Kenya access clean water – creating a life-changing moment for Smarone Khasandi. Thank you!

Giving Update: Imusutsu High School

Life for students and staff at Imusutsu High School has really changed over the last year. Since the installation of their new rain tank and sanitation facilities, they have been easily accessing water right in the school compound. This is compared to years past when they used to go outside the school compound looking for water from a spring, which was unsafe to drink due to its handling.

Today, the school has clean and safe water for drinking. Absenteeism has decreased because the students are free from waterborne diseases, and they are no longer forced to frequently stay home or go to the doctor for treatment. The school has also improved in academic performance.

Time that was once used to go and fetch water from the spring has been converted and used for revision purposes. Students and teachers now have more time to focus on what matters most at school: learning. Last but not least, the appearance of this institution has also changed thanks to more frequent cleanings using water from the tank, and the greater sense of pride in attendees of this school.

Thus, the school compound looks neat and tidy.

Student Smarone Khasandi, Teacher Mrs. Doreen Imungu, and student at the rain tank

Student standing proud at the rain tank

"The school looks neat [since] we have enough water to carry out our daily chores, [such] as cleaning the latrines and classrooms," said Teacher Mrs. Doreen Imungu.

"Performance has really gone up. The students have enough time to revise [unlike] other years when they wasted a lot [of] time going to the spring [in the] evening. Now, that time is recovered and indiscipline cases have reduced compared to the previous years."

Teacher Mrs. Doreen Imungu takes a drink from the rain tank

18-year-old student Smarone Khasandi attested to these changes in her school.

"Since the implementation of the project, we have enough water in the school. We can drink as many times as we want. Our school is clean, we clean [classrooms] in the evening and toilets in the evening. This has reduced infections both in classes and toilets. There is no sharing the toilets as we used to share with boys."

Field Officer Rose Serete between Doreen, Smarone, and student at the rain tank

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