Giving Update: Katung'uli Sand Dam

June, 2019

A year ago, you funded a sand dam and hand-dug well system in Katung’uli, Kenya– creating a life-changing moment for Elizabeth Nduku. Thank you!

Giving Update: Katung'uli Sand Dam

What you might not know is that an incredible community of monthly donors has joined you in supporting clean water in Katung'uli, Kenya.

Month after month, their giving funds ongoing sustainability and support programs to help keep this sand dam and hand-dug well system working correctly. Together, we call it The Water Promise.

Navigating through intense dry spells, performing preventative maintenance, conducting quality repairs when needed and continuing to assist community leaders to manage water points are all normal parts of keeping projects sustainable. The Water Promise supporters enable us to ensure all of our water points are safe and reliable for years and years.

We’d love you to join this world-changing tribe committed to sustainability.

This update from Katung'uli proves how your giving is still having an impact on Elizabeth Nduku. We think you’ll be encouraged.

Elizabeth Nduku

Katung'uli community members are elated about the sand dam that was constructed in their area. As we got to the water source on the day of our visit we found women jovially fetching water and doing their laundry.

People here are happy because they have attained clean drinking water from the sand dam and adjacent hand-dug well.

Fetching water

Both hygiene and sanitation have improved with the presence of water. The distance covered to fetch water and the time spent on this chore have decreased.

"The water source is very close to my home, which makes it easy for me to fetch fresh water for drinking and cooking. Conducting the household chores is manageable due to the availability of water," said Elizabeth Nduku.

"Contentment is an understatement for what I feel since the implementation of this project."

Anna Wabamba, Field Officer Lilian Kendi, Solomon Kyalo, Elizabeth Nduku and Timothy Musau at the well and sand dam.

Solomon Kyalo, a 17-year-old boy we met at the well agreed.

"My brother and I normally come to drink water at this source after a long day spent at the field or in the farm. The water is very fresh and cool," he said.

Waterborne diseases such as dysentery and diarrhea are unheard of as the community members drink clean water from the water source.

Their environment has also changed immensely due to the availability of water. Farmers are using water from the dam and well to support their crops.

Maize growing next to the sand dam

"Through this project, my mother has managed to plant vegetables at our small farm and we can now change meals and the diet frequently," Solomon said.

The environment is very beautiful and green, reported our field officer. There is a lot of water which makes farming projects and agribusiness very feasible. Community members are very excited about the progress and changes brought about by the water project.

So, thank you! And we’d love you to join us again. The most impactful way to continue your support of Katung'uli Community – and hundreds of other places just like this – is by joining our community of monthly givers.

Your monthly giving will provide clean water, every month!

Read more about The Water Promise and how you can help. Or, help to sponsor another project at a community or school in immediate need of water.

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