Giving Update: Makuchi Primary School

October, 2019

A year ago, your generous donation helped Makuchi Primary School in Kenya access clean water – creating a life-changing moment for Linda Mulati. Thank you!

Giving Update: Makuchi Primary School

One year down the line since the installation of the rain tank and other hygiene projects at Makuchi Primary School and the lives of staff and students have improved tremendously.

In the past, as you entered the school compound, you would be greeted with children carrying small jerricans of water on one shoulder and a school bag on the other, with other small jerricans littered all over near the kitchen.

Today, that story has changed as there were no jerricans littered anywhere within the school compound. The school compound, classes, and latrines look neater and generally the level of hygiene is good. The population has also increased from 560 to 650 pupils. This development was only achieved through the provision of the water facilities coupled with the student health club that has been key in stimulating good hygiene behavior.

Lydia Mukwana Misiko is a teacher at Makuchi Primary School in charge of sanitation and hygiene at the school. She shared her perspective on the impact these developments have had on her school in the last year.

Madam Misiko with students Linda Mulati and Moses Murunga at the rain tank

“The WaSH project has really assisted us in that the pupils no longer go to fetch water at the spring as they now have water within the school compound. This saved time and energy will be used to study and [we] hope that translates to better performance. Cleaning has also become easier and we are really grateful for the support,” finished Lydia with a smile.

“Before this project came to our school, the pupils didn’t have a proper plan of cleaning up the classrooms and latrines,” reflected 13-year-old student Linda Mulati.

“We did it but it wasn’t organized and thorough due to lack of water. The latrines were badly looking and very dirty. The doors didn’t close, nobody wanted to use the latrines any more so the children defecated around them and behind classrooms. There were no handwashing stations.”

“But, since the WaSH project entered the school last year, there have been many changes. With the health clubs we have learned how to clean, how to use the latrines properly, we have safe and clean drinking water in the school compound and our environment and health overall have improved.”

Madam Misiko, Linda, Moses, Field Officer Karen, and Head Teacher Mr. Indeche at the rain tank

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