Giving Update: Mbuuni Community B

September, 2019

A year ago, your generous donation helped Mbuuni in Keya access clean water – creating a life-changing moment for Joseph Mutua. Thank you!

Giving Update: Mbuuni Community B

"Our environment is greener and cooler due to the availability of water and the increased water table," said Titus Kiemu, reflecting on the changes in the year since the completion of the dam and well in Mbuuni Community.

The environment here is now serene and very green. There are many trees which have grown by the river bed making the area very cool. Farming practices are easily managed due to the availability of water. A lot of farming projects have been initiated by Mbuuni Community members over the past year.

"Normally, at such times, the area's topography is usually very grey and dry as hunger pangs beckon at us. Now we have plenty of food on our farms and all the group members are in agribusiness," said Mr. Kiemu.

"The harvests are massive. This project has created job opportunities for young adults as they can be employed to work on our farms."

The group members of Mbuuni Water Project self-help group are very excited about this project and the benefits reaped from it. There is plenty of water at their shallow well which has resulted in improved hygiene and sanitation levels personally and in their households. Frequent cleaning of the latrines using soap and ash and a handwashing culture has also been established as most homesteads have tippy taps mounted near their washrooms.

"After long working hours at the farm, it takes less than 5 minutes to fetch water and take a very cool shower," Mr. Kiemu told us.

People do not travel as far and no longer waste as much time or energy accessing water thanks to the proximity of the well and dam to households.

"It takes less than 300 meters to access the water point and at most 30 minutes to fetch water. The water is plenty and our livestock do not have to walk for miles to access water," said Joseph Mutua, a local farmer.

"Our wives are no longer complaining about the exhaustion of carrying jerrycans of water for very long distances. There's a lot of peace at our homes."

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