Giving Update: Shanjero Secondary School

July, 2019

A year ago, you funded a rainwater tank at Shanjero Secondary School in Kenya – creating a life-changing moment for Chelsea Ayesa. Thank you!

Giving Update: Shanjero Secondary School

We as Kenyans are blessed, especially in the western part of the country where we receive a lot of rain each year. But, even still, the majority of our schools suffer due to the lack of clean, safe water and proper water storage.

The WaSH projects at Shanjero Secondary School are an answer to so many problems the school was going through. The water and sanitation projects have led to improved health among the entire school population, and better time management without having to go so far to get water and thus proper coverage of the school syllabus. Students and staff here have also experienced improved hygiene and sanitation, better education performance, and above all reduction in the number of absenteeism among pupils.

Shanjero Secondary is clearly a committed school focused on excellence. Both students and staff are putting in their best efforts to maintain and safeguard their WaSH facilities well. The aesthetics of the projects have also been upheld, a sign of their pride and gratefulness for these projects.

Sanitation Teacher Cyrus Musoka said that “implementation of the WaSH project[s] came at the right time and place. [These projects have] been able to solve [the] majority of issues that were really disturbing and saddening” at Shanjero Secondary.

“The most important thing is the ability of [our] students to settle down in their classes and have enough time to study and to perform better. As a school, our mean grade [has] improved and we are so excited,” shared Mr. Musoka.

Jacklyne and Chelsea

For 18-year-old student Chelsea Ayesa, the rain tank and sanitation projects installed at her school have meant all the difference in her ability and confidence to attend school.

“Initially, [the] majority of students were absent due to the fear of being sent to the stream or staying in a school without water and proper sanitation,” Chelsea explained.

“[The] project solved a lot [of problems here] and as we speak, my class attendance is 100% most of the time. Due to the ability to access clean and safe water, water [and] sanitation-related disease outbreak is now [in] the past,” said Chelsea.

She then added a personal note to all of you who made these projects possible: “You are a godsend and we at [Shanjero] say thank you!”

Cyrus, Chelsea, and Jacklyne

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